Eyes & Seek

Eyes & Seek

This fun gaming app will give you a chance to test your own powers of perception against artificial intelligence in a super high tech game of spot the difference. The app is based on state of the art research into the fascinating phenomena of change blindness, where as you will discover your brain often doesn’t notice even big changes in the world around it.

The game play uses touch screen technology and a fun against the clock shooter theme as you try to spot the differences. Spot enough of the changes quickly enough and you can level up through the game to even more challenging sets. You can also claim your fame on the high score table, and tweet your results. Is your perception human or do you have superhuman powers, play on to find out!

For more about the science behind the game see the BBC article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10284925


  • Exciting touch screen shooter style game-play against the clock
  • Tweet your high score for each level
  • Unlock medium and insane levels as you play
  • Upgrades to themed images coming soon


Eyes & Seek Eyes & Seek


Android Market

This app is free.