Fact Fight


How will you do in this fun global battle of the brains? Do you know something more amazing and interesting than anyone else in the whole world? Then prove it in FactFight. Using your own Twitter stream the challenge is to post your fascinating facts that see how many other FactFighters like them, or don’t! Points are scored for adding new facts, and the more people who like them, the faster you can level up and the higher your position on the worldwide leader board. Invite your friends and see who’s Facts are Fightier, and play against the worldwide FactFight community, which includes people with a University PhD!

The World Wide Web was first created by scientists to share facts, FactFight brings you a chance to prove your brain has a place of honour in cyberspace.

Take up the FactFight Challenge and Tweet your brains out!


Make your own Twitter stream more fun and fascinating as you compete in the global Fact Fight challenge

  • Invite friends to play, and cross minds with some of the best of the best on planet Earth in friendly rivalry
  • Score points when you post new facts and like and dislike the facts from others
  • Fact your way up through the levels to become a Fact Fight champion
  • See how you and your friends are doing on the Global challenge leader board
  • Automatic knock out for offensive or incorrect facts by the Fact Fight community

Just start thinking and Tweet your brains out!



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