Finger O Scope

Finger O Scope

Do your fingers reveal all? In this fun to use app explore the personality traits you hold in your hands. There is scientific research that’s suggests that the measurement of finger ratios, more specifically the measurement of the 2nd and 4th index fingers, can sometimes indicate different personal traits. This is because these finger lengths are thought to give an indication of the sorts of prenatal hormones we were exposed to while in the womb. The predictions this application gives are based on this science but should be used for entertainment purposes only. Did the science get it right? You decide.


  • Easy to use hand scan feature with manual correction for improved accuracy
  • Male and Female modes of operation
  • Personal trait predictions based on scientific findings for you to evaluate
  • Tweet your result so you can share your discoveries with friends and let them also decide if they are true!



Android Market

This app is free.