Icon do better


Icon do better is a smart social twist on classic games that stack and match falling blocks or Icons in a race to keep the screen from overflowing. The smart twist is that once a match is made in order to clear the group you have to make a new matching Icon to join them. The social twist is that every person playing worldwide is making and matching icons with you. Your icons mingle with everyone else’s making the magic of shared meaning.

Surprise yourself and your friends by downgrading your screen back to the good old 1980’s. Tilt the screen and see the chunky pixels flicker and blur as if they’re floating in the thick glass of an old low resolution screen.

Stacking and matching games have never been this creative before. Anything I can do, Icon do better!

Caution due to screen flicker effect may not be suitable if you are vulnerable to photosensitive seizures.

Supported by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Computer-Human Interaction for Medical Devices (CHI+MED)



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