Last Longer


This app is for Adults only. Most men experience problems with control of arousal during sex at some point in their lives or in some situations. Written by a Clinical Psychologist and a UK University team, Last Longer is designed to provide practical advice for men with all levels of control.

Last Longer features the techniques used by psychologists and sex therapists to improve control. If you’re pretty happy with your control there are tips and techniques you can put into practice immediately. Or if you have a more severe problem with control, then try the structured behavioural training programme.

Built around an understanding that men may want to improve performance, Last Longer provides the key information and techniques you need in an easy to use format with respect for privacy built in.


  • Useful Information: what affects control, performance anxiety and control, what may help and not help control.
  • Simple tips and tricks: techniques you can put into practice tonight which may help improve your control and feel more relaxed about your performance.
  • Straightforward exercises: instructions on simple exercises which may help improve control, including pelvic floor (kegel) exercises, breathing and sensate focus.
  • Understanding what you think: exercises and information to help overcome concerns about performance anxiety.
  • Behavioural retraining: step by step instructional programme to train yourself to last longer and build your stamina.
  • Goal setting: set yourself goals to complete every week to improve your chances of positive change.
  • Assess your level of control: easy to use assessment system can be used regularly to monitor progress.
  • Passcode protected App entry


Please note the information in this app should not be regarded as an alternative to medical advice received from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You should also seek immediate medical attention, if you think you may have any medical condition. Please do not delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information in this app.


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