Melody Triangle

Melody Triangle

The Melody Triangle is a fun, easy to use app that lets you (and a clever bit of artificial intelligence) make your own music on your mobile phone. By simply dragging tokens around the Triangle on screen, different melodies are composed. Choose between piano, drums and bass, as well as different rhythms, and combine these to make your own songs! You can share your favourite settings, and listen to the music that other users of the app, anywhere in the world, have been making.

You don’t need to be a musician to make good music! Why not try it today?

This app is also a research tool to help understand the relationship between mathematics and music. You, (yes you!) can help this research simply by using the app to make music, and whenever you hear something that you like, press the ‘like’ button! At you can see other user’s ‘likes’ and league tables of most liked songs, can you make it to the top of the charts?

Here is some sample audio:

The Melody Triangle was developed by QApps and supported by impactQM. It is based on research funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the Centre for Digital Music(C4DM) at Queen Mary University of London.


  • Unique interface for generation of melodies in terms of their predictabillity.
  • Share your favourtie songs with the world by using the ‘like’ feature.
  • Download songs by other users of the app, and listen to the ‘Melody Triangle Radio’ to hear a selection of other users’ songs.
  • Three different instruments; piano, bass, drums
  • Ability to select different octaves for instruments.
  • Ability to select different beats-per-minute for instruments, and go on the ‘off beat’ for complex rhythmical patterns.
  • Ability to select different volume for each instrument.
  • Global Tempo for all instruments.
  • Pentatonic, Harmonic and Diatonic scale for all instruments



Android Market

This app is free.