When couples collide can science help? Looking for the ideal partner, then perhaps this app can help? Based on scientific research that suggests that couples with similar faces make better partners MySoulmate uses clever, point and click automatic face finding and measuring technology to rate the couples ‘compatibility’. Did the science get it right? You can tweet the compatibility results (scientifically measured to one decimal place, if you choose to believe it) and their love heart enhanced picture to share with others. Finding the right person is never easy, but now there is an app for that (perhaps?).

Face perception techniques developed with support from impactQM and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


  • Fun, easy to use photo based app that measures and scores a couples facial similarity
  • Test the underlying scientific theory that similar faces attract, is it right?
  • Automatic face detection and measurement technology, you just point and click
  • Tweet your results and the couples compatibility rated, loved up, romantic picture for your friends and the world to appreciate.
  • Useful tips section to help ensure the app works well, and let you explore more about the underlying science
  • Should not be used to decide who to marry, snog or avoid, remember relationships are about more than a number.



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This app is free.