Shoot The Acorn


Squirrel with a gun. Go nuts. Its fast, its furious and its furry. This fun, easy to learn game of skill pits your squirrel against the elements in a desperate attempt to shoot the acorns home. Strange forces conspire to thwart our armoured tree dweller, blocks, bubbles of reverse gravity and black holes await the unwary acorn on its tortured trajectory. The game features in game artificial intelligence that creates unique game levels for your phone, keeping you in the sweet spot of challenging game play.


  • Fun point and shoot game of skill
  • Easy to master shooting interface
  • Smart in game artificial intelligence designs brand new levels of increasing difficulty for you to play
  • Developed as an undergraduate Final Year Project at Queen Mary University of London


Known Issues

  • Startup issues with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean – We’re currently working on a solution to address it.


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