Smart Coach

Smart Coach

Designed with the Sunday League manager or football enthusiast in mind, Smart Coach is a user friendly App which will assist you in managing your team.

You collect pitch-side information on your team during match play, recording important facts and figures such as shots at goal, fouls etc. These are then converted to full-time match stats that feed in to a smart coaching tool to guide training, help your match day strategy and improve your team performance.

Smart Coach enables player performance comparisions and display useful team statistics. The improve play report uses artificial intelligence technology to generate a custom training regime for your team based on recent performance, and can even recommend changes in team formation to help you win.


  • Enter your team’s performance at pitch-side and rate each player at the end of the game
  • Statistical analysis and graphical display of your teams performance over games
  • Compare player function see graphically at a glance how they are playing
  • Improvement report recommends drills to improve team performance
  • Tweet your team results
  • A selection of classic training drills and team formations for you to refer to


Smart Coach Smart Coach Smart Coach


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