Trapdoor Zombies


The rise and fall of the living dead! Survive endless waves of zombies moving through endless levels in this fun, fast paced strategy action game! Race against the clock to drop the zombies through the trapdoors and release the in game characters to build up your zombie busting team.


  • Automatically generated levels with increasing difficulty for endless gameplay.
  • Thump your phone to open trapdoors and drop the zombies to their fate, just make sure you are standing somewhere else.
  • Beat your friends high scores and unlock new equipment and challenges!
  • Rescue the other in game characters, and have them help you form a more effective zombie busting gang.
  • Shoot the zombies to win in game coins and buy new items from the store on the home screen to upgrade your intrepid team.
  • The harder the level the longer you need to survive in the zombie spawning mayhem to level up.
  • Developed as part of a student project at Queen Mary University of London.



Truly fantastic! Trapdoor Zombies is most certainly a very well-developed game, full of exciting objectives and memorable characters. My only concern: the game is very addictive :)

Great zombie killing experience. I enjoyed playing this game mainly because it combined my fascination of zombies with a top down shooter style of gameplay. When bundled with how easy it was to learn the controls and the capability to see friends high scores. I couldn’t resist urge to kill more zombies, earn achievements and improving my high score to brag about with my mates!

Amazing! This game clearly defines the word Indie. Unlimited amount of missions and an achievement system that is satisfactory. Works well with my Nexus 7 and is a perfect game to play when you’re on the tube.


Android Market

This app is free.