Tunetrace – photograph real drawings to make music

New! MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Instrument) button outputs Tunetrace music as MIDI events to any MIDI instrument on the WIFI network.

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Make drawings in the real world, photograph them with Tunetrace and hear them transformed into music.

When you photograph a real drawing, the image becomes a computer program that generates live music. Watch as Tunetrace gradually translates your photograph into a skeleton of line endings and crossings. Then the real magic begins. Twinkling lights obey a few very simple rules to navigate your drawing, making music as they go.

Change the drawing and you change the music. The rules are simple but the results can be mind-bogglingly complex. Some drawings make music that repeats in a loop, but some become songs that seem never to repeat. Is it possible to make a drawing that plays music that never ends? Delve deep into the utterly unique magical mystery of Tunetrace and you might find out.

Tunetrace is an app that has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Developed with support from impactQM and CS4FN

Built using openframeworks.cc

Icons by entypo.com


  • Take your creativity off the screen and draw with pen on paper, like we did in the good old days!
  • Enjoy the show of sound and light dancing across your drawing.
  • Load and save images in your Photo Library.
  • Share images via Twitter, Facebook and Email.
  • Public gallery of noteworthy new Tunetrace images.
  • Touch the screen for slow motion, fast-forward, pause, play and reset controls.
  • Turn the screen upside down to see the structure of your drawing as Tunetrace sees it
  • MIDI button when selected outputs Tunetrace music as MIDI events to any MIDI instrument on the WIFI network.
  • Compose music just by doodling, and share it by sharing your drawings
  • Free teaching resources for using Tunetrace in the classroom available here (link)



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Bunkervent used Tunetrace to help create a
new digital album Unwanted Consciousness

This app is free.