This page contains some frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the QApps venture.

Why is every app not on both android and iPhone?

Each app has different technology needs so we chose the appropriate platform for each app.

Some of the apps collect data for research. What is that all about that?

Queen Mary researchers use some app to explore interesting research questions letting you as the user help us discover new knowledge. Any data collected through our apps is only used for research purposes. You will be asked if you want to contribute your data, and the data is gathered under college ethics clearance licence (QMREC2013/22) under the terms of the UK Data Protection Act.

I’m at Queen Mary and have an app idea or an app I’ve built, what do I do to try and get it on QApps?

Contact Adam Daykin at tel. 02078825117.

I’m in industry and would be interested in working in partnership with QApps on a commercial basis?

Contact Adam Daykin at tel. 02078825117.

I’m an individual not at Queen Mary but I have an app idea, what do you suggest?

There are millions of app ideas out there but not every idea makes a successful app, QApps sadly can’t help everyone. We suggest you develop and publish your own app, there are plenty of online resources. You will learn lots, and the experience will be great for your CV. You might make it big and even if you don’t make millions you will have fun.

I’m interested in finding out more about the research behind an app, how do I find more?

Each app has an information screen which gives the basics, normally with a link to find out more if you want more.

How do I find out more about Queen Mary research generally?

The Queen Mary website is the best place to start, there you can see the work we do in all the Schools and Institutes of the organisation.

How do I study at Queen Mary?

Go to the main Queen Mary website to find out about our range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

With all this high tech stuff is Queen Mary involved in Tech City?

Yes absolutely! Geographically we are located right between Old Street Tech city and the new tech clusters forming in Stratford around the Olympics Site and have been working hard on the ground to help in build the new East London. We were founder members of the Digital Shoreditch tech festival, and our researchers and students work with a whole range of industries, for example with the creative industries through our Media and Arts Technology Doctoral training centre and Creative Works London.

There is a problem with an app what do I do?

Our apps employ cutting edge research, but unfortunately QApps is not able to employ a dedicated support team – each App is developed as a discrete funded project. If you do notice a problem we’d really appreciate knowing about it, but whilst we’ll endeavour to fix it, there can be no guarantees.

Is a particular app available for the latest new operating system or for my new phone?

Our apps are developed as discreted funded projects. Unfortunately QApps does not have resource to upgrade apps to latest operating systems. The apps should be backwardly compatible though, so they will work; however, the apps are sold as seen.

Does QApps have anything to do with the computer science for fun project (CS4FN)?

Yes, QApps like CS4FN is part of Queen Mary’s technology outreach initiatives, and frequently interesting apps and the research stories behind them also make it into the CS4FN schools magazine and onto the website.

Does QApps have anything to with Queen Mary Innovation?

Yes Adam Daykin is one of the co-founders of QApps and has supported through-out.

Does QApps have any jobs available?

Very occasionally, but you would need to check on the Queen Mary Jobs page.

Why did you create QApps? What’s it all about?

Queen Mary started out as the Peoples Palace over 125 years ago with the aim of providing education and entertainment to the local community – although we are now in the Russell Group of top UK universities we never forget our roots. As a University the creative minds of our staff and students think, create and explore new ideas, but we believe a University also has to share these ideas with others. Queen Mary has a proud and on-going tradition of Public Engagement; in fact we have a special Centre to support it. QApps is just one of the ways we can build on this past in the present high tech world.

Where do you get your funding from?

A Many of our apps are funded by grants to Queen Mary from UK research councils such as EPSRC. These funds can either be as specific parts of a grant to undertake technology transfer to get the clever ideas from research out making a difference in the world (this is often called Research Impact), or as grants to the College to help this sort of work specifically. A number also come from the work of our best, brightest creative students who want to improve their CV and employability.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Contact Adam Daykin at tel. 02078825117.